2 March 2022

Murcia TM2 transnational meeting

In December, the CUTE team met for a transnational meeting in Murcia, Spain. During these three days we were able to continue the good work of the CUTE Project, taking advantage of the days to move forward with the plans and spend time together.

The team was working in two of the main campuses of the University of Murcia: the university campus “Espinardo” and the historical one “La Merced”, downtown in the City center of Murcia.

In addition to working on the CUTE Intellectual Outputs, we carried out a part of the external evaluation of the project- as we had an amazing selection of critical friends visiting virtually and giving us feedback on the project. Our critical friends were experts from Denmark, Iceland and Spain: Nicole Schmitt (University of Copenhagen), Sigurbjörg Jóhannesdóttir (University of Iceland), Jesús Salinas (Universitat de les Illles Balears) & Fernando Trujillo (Universidad de Granada) who  analysed the current project development and gave us amazing feedback and valuable advice for the future of our project and for future projects as well.

In addition, the team had the opportunity to discuss the current state of Spanish universities regarding their digitalization as well as future strategies with Pedro M. Ruiz , the Executive Secretary of the ICT office of the Spanish Conference of University Rectors (CRUE-TIC).
Pedro Ruiz is also UM's Vice-Chancellor of Digital Transformation and invited us to visit ATICA: Area of Applied Information and Communication Technologies of the University of Murcia.

And naturally we also enjoyed the always sunny and lovely city of Murcia and the rare opportunity to meet and exchange ideas offline.

The transnational meeting was a great success and very productive, thanks to the different participants who made it possible and enriched it: the critical Friends, authorities and staff of Murcia University and of course all the CUTE partners.