DigCompEdu framework

CUTE: Competencies for Universities - using Technology in Education: Putting the DigCompEdu framework into practice in the Higher Education realities.

The aim of the project "Competencies for Universities - using Technology in Education" (CUTE) is to develop a more institutionally based strategy to improve digital competencies for university teaching and to develop a methodology for other institutions to do the same.
Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Europe are challenged by digital transformation and the need for more digital competencies for teachers. However, teachers at HEIs are still primarily hired and rewarded for their research – and there is traditionally very little hands-on management when it comes to teaching. Therefore, the development of digital teaching skills is often a slow process and relies heavily on the goodwill (and free time) of those already interested in developing their teaching with digital tools.
This project wants to work strategically by using the European Framework for Digital Competence for Educators (DigCompEdu) to create change on a more institutional level. Using DigCompEdu is a way forward and by testing and documenting the steps to take, the project can pave the way for other European HEIs to do the same in their local contexts. Furthermore, the project will provide policy recommendations for further development of the DigCompEdu framework.

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